“You’re only as old (or young) as you feel,” the saying goes. Well, new research suggests that women are feeling kind of old at a pretty young age. A study conducted by Avalon Funeral Plans claims that women start feeling old at 29.

When we first heard this statement we thought, “OK. That’s understandable.” But here’s the kicker. Men don’t start feeling old until they’re 58. According to NYDailyNews.com, women measure aging by physical features — wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. In fact 50 percent of the women surveyed said that the first sign of aging was their “assets heading south.”

Meanwhile, men pay little or no attention to looks and judge aging by their sex drive. Most men surveyed said that “decresed libido / not as ‘able’ in the bedroom” were signs of aging.

While this study is an example of how society values women and men differently and how we come to value ourselves, we didn’t want to take its word for it. We kicked the question, “Do you feel old?” to our Facebook girlfriends. It turns out most of us aren’t taking out life insurance plans just yet.

Here’s what you had to say:
Cheryl: “I’m 50 and fabulous! I feel somewhere around 35 … maybe.”

Felicia: “Keeping it ‘real’ — mentally I’m about 35, but at 40 I don’ just spring out of bed like I used to. I need those extra five minutes!”

Janee: “I feel great at 40! People still think I’m 23 anyway so it all works!”

Kimya: “I did feel old at the end of my twenties. I wonder if women feel old at an earlier age because of the pressure to be eternally youthful.”

Key: “I don’t look old, but I sure do feel like it sometimes!”

Ashley: “I feel like I’m getting better with time. Feeling old is a state of mind.”

Erica: “I’m 39 and yes, I do feel old — with three kids who are 20, 15 and 10.”

Renee: “I’m 28 and I do feel old.”

Vernette: “F.Y.I. — women of color age gracefully. We catch up with time. Time doesn’t catch up with us.”

Ayanna: “I turned 29 last month and to be honest, I feel younger than before. I have the liberty to go where I want and dine where I want. I feel pretty damn good.”

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