Forget All Of the Fuss! Study Shows Simple First Dates Lead to Marriage Too
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Do you count him out if he doesn’t take you on an extravagant first date? A new study shows that a simple coffee shop date could turn into marriage.

A helicopter ride, an afternoon on a yacht, dinner at the best steakhouse in town all sound like great first dates, but not all grandeur gestures lead to a long term relationship.  According to the dating app, Plenty of Fish, you don’t need to pull out all the stops on your first date.  

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The app polled over 1,100 of their former users who are now married to learn how their site helped them find love. The results show that a little can go a long way.  Over 65-percent of those polled went for appetizers and affordable meals on their first dates. The second most popular date was a walk followed by coffee or drinks.

First dates are meant to get to know one another and we can eliminate the distractions by keeping the first date simple. Create activities that allow you both to make a connection that in time can turn into something long lasting.  

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