Study Finds 50% of Black Americans Fear They Won’t Live Past Age 35
Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

A study for the American Sociological Association and the Journal of Health and Social Behavior revealed that most young people of color fear they won’t live past the age of 35.

HuffingtonPost reports that “just 50 percent of Black youth felt confident that they would live to be 35.”

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Among the findings, other demographics included 46% of second generation Mexican-Americans feel they would live beyond age 35 and 66% of white youths who believed with certainty that they would live past age 35.

Of the 17,000 adolescents who participated in the survey, 57 percent were white, 20 percent of the surveyed adolescents were a combination of Asian and Latino ethnicities and 23 percent identified as Black or African-American.

The average life expectancy for Americans, in moderate health, is 79 years old.

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