This Teen Was Charged For Stealing A 65-Cent Milk Carton – Now He’s Going To Trial

A 14-year old Virginia boy named Ryan Turk is facing trial; his crime? Stealing a 65 cent milk carton from his school cafeteria. 

Turk, who Huffington Post reports is enrolled in the school’s free-lunch program (which entitles him to free milk), was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors of disorderly conduct and petit larceny back in May after a school officer saw him “conceal” the milk carton.

The middle schooler was handcuffed, suspended and reportedly searched for drugs in the principal’s office.

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“No one needs to be punished for stealing a 65-cent carton of milk,” the Turk family’s attorney, Emmitt Robinson told The Washington Post. “This officer treats kids like they’re criminals, and guess what happens, they’re going to become criminals.”

The family believes the school is mishandling the situation and has gone “too far.”

The school claims that beyond academic disciplinary action, they have no part in how the situation was handled. Local authorities are responsible for the charges and police action.