Every day we feature the beloved “Strawberry Letter” franchise that is so popular on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” heard nationwide. Send in your letters and Shirley Strawberry will dish out the necessary advice. Today’s topic: My wife wants a divorce Good morning Steve and Shirley, My wife is tring to get a divorce after I cheated on her three times — once with her sister. I don’t know how to show her that I’ve changed and I don’t know how to get her to move on to another subject. So Steve, please tell me what to do about this situation. Also her family wants us to have a divorce, plus her mom curses me out every day I see her. Once she chased me with a bat and put hot water on me while I wasn’t looking. I know I did not cause that much damage just because I went with some other woman. I don’t understand why they won’t leave it alone. So Steve, help me out please. To submit your own letter to Strawberry Letter, click here. For more information on Steve Harvey Comedy tour dates, click here. For more Strawberry Letters at ESSENCE.com, click here.