Every day we feature the beloved “Strawberry Letter” franchise that is so popular on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” heard nationwide. Send in your letters and Shirley Strawberry will dish out the necessary advice. Today’s topic: Pregnant mistress Dear Steve, Shirley, Tommy and Carla, I have been a fool for over a year now and I’ve just gotten more foolish. I have been involved with a married man and I knew of his marriage for a while now (I was not aware of it at first.). After finding out he was married, I continued our relationship. As we continued the relationship, my feelings got strong. I kept telling myself to leave him alone, but every time I am upset enough to leave, I chicken out. Now here I am pregnant by him–only a month into the pregnancy. We talked about having an abortion. I just can’t. I had one before and I was so depressed afterward. As I write this letter now, the thought of it brings me to tears. I asked him, “What if I want to keep the baby.” He said nothing. Since asking, we haven’t mentioned anything about the situation. Am I crazy for wanting to keep the baby, knowing that he might not be in my child’s life because of his marriage? P.S. I’m already a single-mother with a 3-year-old little boy. To submit your own letter to Strawberry Letter, click here. For more information on Steve Harvey Comedy tour dates, click here. For more Strawberry Letters at ESSENCE.com, click here.