Every day we feature the beloved “Strawberry Letter” franchise that is so popular on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” heard nationwide. Send in your letters and Shirley Strawberry will dish out the necessary advice. Today’s topic: Fist fighting my son Dear morning crew, We have seven kids. Me and my wife both work hard at being good parents but lately she said she’s not feeling me. I do not take the kids talking stuff to me. She lets the kids talk to her like that, but not me. She tells me I should lighten up. We have boys and I told them no “B” word or “N” word, but she said that is how young people talk. I said not while I pay the bills. The 17-year-old had too much to say and then raised his hands to me so I dropped him. She thinks I’m wrong and now wants me to say I’m sorry. But Steve, I’m not sorry. She wants me to leave my home over this one thing. Is she crazy? Please let me know if I’m wrong… To submit your own letter to Strawberry Letter, click here. For more information on Steve Harvey Comedy tour dates, click here. For more Strawberry Letters at ESSENCE.com, click here.