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In part two of our exclusive interview with New York Times best-selling author, comedian, actor, entrepreneur, radio personality and philanthropist Steve Harvey, the husband and father of five sounds off on why a man should always turn the other cheek in a violent altercation with a woman and why Chris Brown might want to consider college. 

ESSENCE.COM: Despite reports that Rihanna was the first to strike, do you still believe the alleged violence wasn’t warranted?
Yes, I’ve heard that she slapped him while he was driving, but where are his bruises and marks? I don’t see a single scratch on his face, and I didn’t read about him having to go to the hospital. Again, whatever she did she didn’t deserve the picture I saw.

ESSENCE.COM: Why do you feel so strongly about this?
I have been kicked and slapped by a woman, but I just walked away. I am 52 years old and I have never hit a woman, and it has never occurred to me to hit a woman—ever. Neither my father nor any of my brothers have ever hit a woman. I was raised by men and you just don’t do that, and I teach my sons the same: If a woman hits you, walk away.

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ESSENCE.COM: What else do you tell your sons?
[I tell them] what happens is, if a man retaliates against a woman, it will be an unfair fight. As men, we have this thing called testosterone and when that rises up in a man and mixes with adrenaline, man, it’s a kind of strength and speed  that no woman can fathom. Women don’t even know what they’ve tapped into and it’s a level of ferociousness that is unmatched. A fight between a man and a woman is an uneven match—there’s no contest, so again, fellas need to walk away.

ESSENCE.COM: A rehabilitation expert suggested that Chris Brown record a remorseful song to help rebuild his public image. Do you think this will help redeem him?
I think he’s going to have to look into some other avenues and get a college education. Honestly, I don’t know how you climb out of this black hole, especially when your fans are mostly women. A lot of women were affected by what he did. See, what many people fail to realize is that women are the reason a man is famous. Men are not famous because of men. I learned that a long time ago. I know my daughters have said to me that Chris Brown can’t sing to them anymore because of what he allegedly did. I believe everybody should have the chance to redeem themselves and Chris Brown should be given the opportunity to do so.

ESSENCE.COM: Do you think Chris Brown’s fans will forgive him?
If he needs forgiveness, I’m cool with that. I believe he can become a better person from this if he learns from his mistakes. I’ve met Chris a couple of times and he seemed to be a nice kid, but if he did do this, well, we’ve all seen the photos of Rihanna—he really needs counseling.  

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