Walt Disney, Steve Harvey and ESSENCE have come together to change the lives of 100 lucky teens from around the country, as the Disney Dreamers Academy winners were announced today. Back in October, teachers, parents and community leaders nominated deserving teenagers who possessed the power to “believe and dream” to participate in this competition. In March of 2011 the selected teens will assemble at Walt Disney World to participate in workshops focusing on entrepreneurship, culinary arts, entertainment and “Imagineering” techniques. More importantly, a number of celebrities and notable professionals will be on-hand to share their blueprint for success. The mission of the program aims to empower, inspire and motivate young adults. “So we hope to unlock the power that will allow them to pursue their hearts’ desires. Walt Disney World, ESSENCE and I are excited to be a part of these young Dreamers’ experience that will encourage them to bring their dreams to life,” said Steve Harvey. By giving these 100 teens the opportunity to connect with Disney’s talent and other professionals, there’s no doubt that the 2011 Disney Dreamers Academy will be a success. Congratulations to everyone selected! To see a complete list of selected teens, click here.