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Today’s topic: I’m in Love with Two Women

Good morning Steve and Morning Crew,

I have been married to what I thought was a wonderful man for 16years. About 2yrs ago I found out that he has a girlfriend one of which he refuses to let go. I love him dearly and he knows it, the problem is he loves her. I have left him a couple of times in the past when we were younger and he still holds that against me but I made a promise to myself then that I would never do it again but this is getting ridiculous. This man flies to see her at every given opportunity even though he knows that I know what has doing and it makes me sick to my stomach I thought after calling this woman up on the phone to tell her situation she would be understanding and back off. But he talked his talk and made everything okay to where it has gotten worse the phone calls all time of day and night. I know what I must do and it’s hard we do have 2 children together. He tells people he’s here because of his kids. But tells me that he wants to be here. I know a man is only going to do what we as women allow them to do. I asked him to just stay up there where she is but he won’t do that. But then comes home and make nice with me. He says she’s done more for him in a year and a half than vie done in the 20 that wave been together. I’m at my wits end. What are these men thinking it makes no sense I am a good woman. I’ve done nothing but love this man, now all I get is comments like don’t act like you care about me now but the saddest part of it all is that I’ve read all of the emails that they have exchanged and he loves her, I mean truly loves her and it hurts.


Miserable with him and more miserable without him. 

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