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Today’s topic: Why Won’t My Son’s Father Grow Up?

Hello steve, i need some advice. i met a guy 3yrs ago very intelligent, charming and etc. a few months into the beginning of the relatioship we became pregnant tottaly unexpected but had to deal with it. he 29 yrs old first child his mom was totally against it due to the fact that we werent married. So anyhow we moved in together as months went by the relationship bagan to be unhealthy. so he decided to move in with his mom and leave me pregnant and another child way across town. we still stayed in contact months later i moved back to st. louis we descide to try to patch things up. about 6 months later our son was born indespite of ahvn our diffences we stayed with one another because of love. so anyhow i just been thru so much with this guy as far as abuse, control and etc. he sayed that he wanted to change things and that he was sorry and wanted a family marriage and for us to live together. but everytime its close to time for us to move in together he always wants to fight and argue. he mom is totally uaware of his behaior but what we have to deal with she is aware that he is just as responsible as i am. he pays half of his mom mortgage because he resides there and its only fair which is true but he cant taake care of his own responsibilty he feel as if he is not with me he he not obligated t do anything for his son. is it that he is afraid to leave his mom due to the fact he afraid she wont make it due to the house being forclosed previously or is it that he just doesnt wnt to be with me although he say he love me. i really love him but i have to do whats best for the kids. plz help

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