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Today’s topic: Got Pregnant on Purpose

Good morning everyone,

I will get straight to the point. I had sex with an ex who broke up with me eight years ago because he thought I couldn’t get pregnant. I was fine with him leaving because because I was just gaining weight from being so unhappy. But anyway, I spent years taking tests to find out why I didn’t get pregnant for two years. It turns out I had high level of prolaticin. Well I got off the meds for it but I had no man. I became so desperate and depressed that I purposely slept with a guy who I knew wouldn’t wear a condom. I just wanted t see if I could get pregnant. I didn’t think about the consequences at all. It was like I wasn’t here or in my right mind. I got pregnant and I have been going through hell on earth, from physical fights to neglect. I went through the pregnancy alone. I cried every night. Every time I try to get him out of our lives he tries to come back saying he wants to be a dad He doesn’t have a job and is living with a woman. My daughter and I live alone and I pay all my bills. I’m not on any programs. I am very independent and I’m a great mom. I know I am a good woman, but how do I bounce back from this huge mistake I made all because I was so desperate to see if I could conceive a child? I want to work on me now! Steve, I do love him, but I know he has to change on his own. There are so many things that happened between us. I am no saint. I should have been a lady and carried myself that way. Steve, please help me with some advice.

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