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Today’s topic: Too Young to Be a Mother

Dear Ms. Shirley and Mr. Harvey,

I am 19 years old and I am dating a 23 year old and we have been together for 10 months. In the beginning of our relationship, we both didn’t have a job, but within a month, I found one. My boyfriend on the other hand, has not and I know he didn’t make any efforts to find one. The new year is just starting and I was just wondering if I should stay with him or move on. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, and I enjoy the time we spend together, but should I be the one who should be getting spoiled and not him. Oh and here is a kicker… at the end of each semester, our school gives us back the money they can’t use for tuition of books because everything is paid for already. The school gave him about $1,300. He used half of the money to his mother to pay for rent and light bill (which I didn’t mind) and the other half on a new Playstation 3, and he already has a Playstation 3. He could have saved that money for either his phone bill or for monthly bus passes. Instead he thinks I’m just going to buy his bus passes and pay for his phone bill. It has been two months and his phone is off and he doesn’t have a valid bus pass. I feel like I shouldn’t take care of a 23 year old who still lives with his mother, plays his Playstation 3 all day, and doesn’t even try to find a job. Am I being selfish or am I making the right decision? I am just too young to be someones mother.


Too Young to Be a Mother


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