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Today’s topic: Who’s the Boss?

Steve and Crew,

I reunited with my man in March of 2008 after a 14 -15 year hiatus. All was well and good until I started traveling back and forth to my home several times a year. You see, we live about two hours from one another and I normally travel home for Mother’s Day/Memorial/ daughters birthday, again for Labor Day, for the end of the summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. No lie, every single time I go home, we don’t really talk, and if we do… I swear it’s because I have not called (for a couple of days). He becomes livid doesn’t call to see if I am dead or alive. He thinks since I’m the one who’s always “on the move,” I should do the calling. I feel if he knows I’m “on the move” why can’t he call to make sure I have arrived. This happens each and every time. Now as much as I love and care about him, he doesn’t think I ever take him seriously, and I do! I do admit I am somewhat lackadaisical… but some times its not that serious (to me.) I really want to be with him, but he is wearing me down with all this, not to mention he said I want to be the man and the woman. I am the first to admit in living and raising a family, running a household and working a couple of jobs, I have to be able to make a decision and although he gives me his advice, I do need to think about it. But it has no bearing on how I feel about him. Although we have talked about marriage, the way he expects his “wife to be” is “submissive.” Is he serious? I have a brain, I would prefer some compromise. His bossiness will leave him in a cave all by himself! I need some help.! I suggested couple’s counseling and he refused. What is really going on here?


Tired of this Man


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