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Today’s topic: In Love with a Mysterious Man

Steve and crew,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost two yrs. He has never introduced me to any of his family members and we have a seven-month old baby boy that the family has never met. When I met this man I thought he was the one. I don’t think so anymore. We don’t live together but he stays in my apartment sometimes and he has a seven year old son that lives with him sometimes. I’ve met him before and has been with us a couple of times.h This man is very mysterious he has a prepaid phone, doesn’t have a bank account and never carries any wallet with his info. When he comes to my apartment he always leaves his phone in my car. I’ve never gone thru it. He tells me he loves me but I don’t believe him because he doesn’t treat me like he does. He doesn’t give me any money for my baby and he makes 80,000 a year working at a gym as a sales manager. I’ve asked him before why he hasn’t introduced us to his family and he says it’s because he has a dysfunctional family. He says his parents live here in California and that he has 16 brothers and sisters. His son says his grandmother lives with his dad but my boyfriend says it’s his oldest sister. I’ve never been inside his apartment just waited in the car in front of his building. Please help I’m confused what should I do and I’m confused.


In Love with a Mysterious Man


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