Children Of Stephon Clark To Receive $2.4 Million From City Of Sacramento
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The two children of Stephon Clark will receive $2.4 million from the city of Sacramento as part of a settlement in a federal civil rights lawsuit that was filed by Clark’s family after he was gunned down by police last year.

As the Sacramento Bee notes, Clark’s family initially sought $20 million in the original lawsuit. The $2.4 million that was agreed upon will go toward creating trust accounts for Clark’s two sons, aged 5 and 2, as well as legal fees for their attorneys.

The parties recently reached a settlement agreement which obligates defendants to pay to the plaintiffs and their attorneys a gross amount of $2.4 million, court documents revealed, noting that 25% of the funds, or $600,000, will go towards attorney’s fees.

The money placed into the trust accounts will be paid out to the young children in three tax-free payments when they are between the ages of 22 and 25, the Bee reports.

However, according to City Attorney Alcala Wood, the settlement only signals a “partial resolution” to the lawsuit.

“This is a complex case that at its core involves a lawful use of force by Sacramento Police Department officers…this fact has been confirmed by both the Sacramento County District Attorney and the California State Attorney General,” Wood said in a statement to the Bee. “In this case, the city of Sacramento has determined that this partial resolution of the lawsuit filed on behalf of Mr. Clark’s family is in the best interest of our community. The agreement brings a key portion of the case to a conclusion, and avoids a potentially lengthy and expensive litigation process.”

“Importantly, this partial resolution focuses on providing a structured settlement for the benefit of Mr. Clark’s young children, ensuring there will be resources available for their care and education,” she added. “The city believes this action on behalf of Mr. Clark’s children will mark another step in the ongoing healing of our community from a tragic event that caused pain to Mr. Clark’s children and family, to the Meadowview community, and to our entire city.”

Clark’s parents and grandparents, who also filed a lawsuit against the city “have not settled their claims,” court documents added.