Stephen Miller And His White Nationalist Views Are Being Considered To Replace Scaramucci 
Chip Somodevilla

Stephen Miller, the White House senior policy adviser and known bully to immigrant students, is being considered to take on the head communications role for the president, previously held by one Anthony Scaramucci.

But there’s a big problem. Aside from having a head shaped like a light bulb, Miller is probably, most definitely a white nationalist.

Despite being raised by liberal-leaning parents and attending Santa Monica High School, a multicultural, liberal school, somehow Miller ended up on the path to white supremacy and has been a right-wing troll ever since. His high school peers recall being tormented by Miller, with one telling Univision that the Trump adviser once shouted at him to “speak English” and “go back to your country.”

He once wrote this disturbing letter to The Lookout, a local publication in Santa Monica, in which he condemned the schools LGBT club, complained about the school’s celebration of Cinco De Mayo, and criticized a visit by a Muslim leader.

While attending Duke University, Miller became acquainted with known white nationalist Richard Spencer, a man who called himself somewhat of a “mentor” to Miller. 

“I knew [Miller] very well when I was at Duke,” Spencer told a Mother Jones reporter. “But I am kind of glad no one’s talked about this because I don’t want to harm Trump.”

While at Duke, Miller wrote regularly for the Duke Chronicle, where he denied systemic racism, called multiculturalism “segregation,” and railed against paid family leave, which he believed resulted in men being laid off. 

Miller is a former staffer for Jeff Sessions and once worked as a press secretary for Michele Bachmann, the same woman who believes that same-sex marriage and homosexuality will lead to “sexual anarchy.”

So, don’t let his Duke degree fool you — Miller is the worst kind of racist. College educated, well-spoken, and overly self-confident. An egghead wolf in sheep’s clothing hell bent on turning this country into the white nationalist utopia it never was.

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