Tired of hearing other Black men say, “I can’t date a Black woman because she has too much attitude,” singer and songwriter Steph Jones (aka Jordin Sparks’ PYT) addressed the issue via his video column, “The Storage,” saying, “You can’t [eliminate] a whole race of beautiful creatures because the last three people you tried to date had an attitude.” He took it a step further, adding, “Maybe you attract the type of people that you’re trying to put down…”

Thank you, Steph! We love that he’s sticking up for the sisters. And ladies, we have to add that Steph’s message goes both ways. Don’t eliminate all brothers because the last two guys you dated did you wrong. Chances are you’ll attract the same type of jerk in another race when you switch sides. It’s time for some self-reflection. Do you feel like you date the same type of bad guy over and over again?