Steal ‘Selma’ Star Carmen Ejogo’s New Haircut
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With a host of award shows happening this season, it’s easy to get red carpet overload. One of our favorite leading ladies who we never get tired of seeing is Selma’s Carmen Ejogo, who was recently spotted at the 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards promoting the film with a killer haircut.

Nelson Vercher, lead stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC and stylist to Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Rowland, is responsible for Ejogo’s new ‘do. The cut is inspired by a modern day Louise Brooks, who by the way, is best known for popularizing the bobbed haircut. Here, Vercher breaks down the steps to get her cut. We admit they might be a bit advanced, so grab a friend for an extra pair of eyes. Then make a vow to never step foot into another hair salon again. Have fun!

Step 1: Wash hair and blow dry it using a light, but effective leave in conditioner. The blow dry should be done straight and very natural with very little lift.

Step 2: Once hair is dry, comb hair straight back while pushing at the crown to find the strongest natural part. Next, create sections from the top of your head to behind your ears.

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Step 3: Place your thumb on the middle of the neck and slide it up to the middle of the head right where head rounds (otherwise known as your occipital bone). With your thumb resting right on the bottom of curve of head, take your comb from top of crown and meet your thumb. This will assure a perfect center parting in the back of head.

Step 4: Tilt your head forward and take very small, slight A-line sections. Although this haircut is square box bob shape, you are cutting on a round shaped head. An A-line shape prevents corners from rounding up. Start the haircut by point cutting the line starting in the middle of the neck working your way out toward ear. Continue this until the back is complete.

Step 5: Now you ready to connect sides. Continue the same slight A-line sections, but lift the head up straight and point cut to connect line from back of ear to front. Be careful not to get a hole near the ear area. To prevent this, you must use very little tension.

Step 6: Once both sides are done, the bangs can be cut. Start by taking a steep triangular section from front top of head ending triangle near outside of eyebrows and point cut bang. Start in the middle, working out on each side and should be cut square. One thing to remember about this haircut is that it’s inspired by a classic look, but it is also a new modern take, so bangs should be long almost in the eye.

Step 7: Take the hair on top and lift straight up and point cut the corners off to create a layered effect. This makes this haircut new and modern.

Step 8: To finish, style with flat iron and be sure to use a heat protectant. If you want waves wrap your hair around a 1 inch curling iron, but not too tight. Finish with hairspray or simply let your curls dry natural for an edgy look.