The Quick Read: ‘Star Trek’ Star Nichelle Nichols Reportedly Suffering From Dementia
Michael Rowe

Here’s the news you may have missed over the weekend:

Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols is reportedly suffering from dementia. The actress, who played Lieutenant Uhura on the sci-fi hit show, is said to be suffering from severe short-term memory loss and her son believes that she needs protection from those who wish to take advantage of her. Her son, Kyle Johnson, filed court docs Friday nominating four fiduciaries to become his mom’s conservators. Johnson adds that “certain individuals have unduly exerted themselves into Ms. Nichols’ life to her detriment.” (TMZ)

There’s finally a Tina Turner documentary on the way. Currently titled Tina Turner, the film features interviews with the legend herself as well as family, friends, and collaborators. The documentary will also feature some never-before-seen footage that highlights the singer’s magnetism. (The Hollywood Reporter)

United Airlines has apologized after one of its flight attendants reportedly showed up drunk. Passengers said that the flight attendant allegedly told those on board, “if your seatbelt isn’t tight, you f–ked up.” As a gesture of goodwill, United compensated those on the flight and apologized for the flight attendant’s behavior. (NY Daily News

A man is still shaken a month after an off-duty cop pulled a gun on him while he purchased a pack of Mentos. Newly released footage shows Jose Arreola, who’d just finished purchasing the candy, raising his hands in the air after a Buena Park police officer accused the man of stealing. Buena Park Sgt. Mike Lovchik refused to comment on the incident, saying an internal investigation was underway. Arreola has retained an attorney and is seeking financial damages from the Buena Park department. (The OC Register)

Power spoilers ahead! Ghost is out for blood in the new Power trailer. After losing his daughter, the kingpin forms a dangerous alliance as he mourns and seeks vengeance. But, with all of his focus on vengeance, Ghost is blind to the new enemies around him who seek to bring him down. (YouTube)

Netflix has released the trailer for season two of Luke Cage and the superhero seems to be enjoying his newfound fame. Everyone’s talking about Luke Cage and all that attention means new enemies, specifically, Bushmaster, a villain just as unstoppable as Cage. (Twitter)

A Family Feud contestant had a pretty disturbing answer, “What might a man do if his ex-wife is telling everyone that he has a teeny-weeny?” The contestant, Max, offered up the answer, ”Kill her,” which got a few claps from the audience. Happy to see toxic masculinity thriving on the game show circuit. (TMZ)

West Virginia Republican Don Blankenship just released a new ad in which he calls Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell a “swamp captain” and refers to his family as “China people.” Blankenship adds that those individuals are getting jobs over “West Virginia people.” Now, Blankenship is attempting to defend the ad by telling a reporter, “We’re confused on our staff as to how it can be racist when there’s no mention of race. There’s no race. Races are Negro, white Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian. There’s no mention of a race. I’ve never used a race word.” Yes, a politician from West Virginia just used the word “negro” to defend his use of “China people” and that’s probably not the craziest thing to happen in West Virginia or the US. (Slate)