Stacey Dash is really pushing us over the edge.

The actress and political commentator, who has publicly dissed President Obama in the past, has more to say about his presidency.

Stacey Dash Reads Mean Tweets After Awkward Oscars Cameo 

While at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference, the Clueless actress said, “I think he bamboozled us. I think we all got blacked into it.”

“We all voted for him because we believed, ‘Yes, it’s time to have a Black president. He is going to unite us in a very profound way.’ What did he do? The exact opposite,” according to the actress.

Shonda Rhimes’s Petty Tweet About Stacey Dash Makes Us Laugh & Kills Dreams at the Same Time 

Bamboozled. Blacked. Yes, you read that correctly.

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Dash went on to praise Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “I believe he is a true conservative,” she said. “He’s strong on national security.”

Stacey Dash Makes Cringe Worthy Cameo at the Oscars 

Dash is not shy about saying what’s on her mind. She made headlines after saying she thought channels like BET were examples of segregation and that a month devoted to celebrating Black history is unnecessary.

These recent comments were made as she was agreeing that race relations have deteriorated during Obama’s presidency as reported here on CNSNews.

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