Stacey Dash Says Donald Trump Isn’t Violent Just “Street”
Rob Kim/Getty Images

By now we all know that somewhere along the way Stacey Dash lost a few of her marbles, so it’s really not surprising that in her recent blog post she not only called Donald Trump “our next President” but also said that “he’s not violent, he’s just street.”

Stacey Dash Spews More Hate at President Obama

The co-host of the Fox News talk show Outnumbered, wrote,

“He was born in Queens. Of course, that doesn’t mean he was hustling on the street, dodging bullets. I know he had a privileged upbringing that no doubt isolated him from much of the violence and strife that some people grew up with in the city.”

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“I’m not saying that Donald Trump grew up slamming people’s heads into walls.  But there is something about growing up in New York, a certain toughness instilled, a certain level of “street” that can’t be ignored.”

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Shonda Rhimes’s Petty Tweet About Stacey Dash Makes Us Laugh & Kills Dreams at the Same Time

Stacey, please. The former actress then ended the post with a quote by Frederick Douglass from his West India Emancipation speech — Douglass is probably spinning in his grave.

Is anyone at all shocked that Stacey supports Donald Trump? Doubt it.

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