Following Stacey Dash’s cringe worthy Oscars cameo, the Clueless actress took to her personal blog for her very own rendition of ‘Mean Tweets – Stacey Dash’. 

Stacey Dash Makes Cringe Worthy Cameo at the Oscars 

Jokingly introduced by Chris Rock as the Academy’s new director of the minority outreach program, the star seemed stunned backstage by the audience’s lack of response.

Shonda Rhimes’s Petty Tweet About Stacey Dash Makes Us Laugh & Kills Dreams at the Same Time 

“So I just walked off stage from the Oscars where I got no applause, no boos, nothing… which was a little disappointing,” Dash states before diving into her Twitter feed—which was brutal, by the way.

Stacey Dash Responds to Anthony Anderson’s NAACP Comments 

Watch here as the star reads Twitter’s response to her awkward appearance. Poor thing.

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