We’ve got some sad news for “Single Ladies” fans this evening. Remember those rumors that Stacey Dash might be leaving the show? Well they’re all true.

Stacey and VH1 both released statements today stating that she would not be returning for season two of the hit show.

“I truly enjoyed playing Val on ‘Single Ladies’, but I have decided to leave the show.  I have to be back in LA with my children right now and the ‘Single Ladies’ shooting location makes that impossible,” Stacey said in an official statement. “I wish VH1 the best of luck with the show and in maintaining the strong fan base we developed in season one.”

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If you’re wondering whether Stacey’s swift exit had anything to do with the rumors circulating all season long about a rift in the cast – particularly between Stacey and LisaRaye McCoy – don’t’ expect to get answers any time soon. VH1 corroborated Stacey’s statement saying they “respect her” and “thank her for all her hard work in making ‘Single Ladies’ a success right out of the gate.”

After the ‘Single Ladies’ premiere broke records and had a stellar first season, news of a second season was announced during the show’s finale week.

No news yet on what’s next for Stacey, who has two children; a son, Austin, with Christopher Williams, 20, and a daughter, Lola, 7.