Political superstar Stacey Abrams has given herself until March to decide what her next move will be in the political arena. In a Monday interview with WABE, Abrams said that she will take the next few months “to really think about the role that I should play” in politics before making her decision, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “My responsibility is to do three things: One, I need to run for office because I’m the best person for the job, not simply because there’s a job that’s open. No. 2, I need to run because I have ideas and the capacity to win the election and do the job well,” she said. “And No. 3, I need to make decisions not based on animus or bitterness or sadness, but really based in a pragmatism that says, ‘This is the right thing to do.’ And I’m going to use that calculus and I intend to make a decision about the job I’m going to run for next by the end of March,” Abrams added. So what will it be? Gov. Stacey Abrams finally? Sen. Stacey Abrams? President Stacey Abrams? In an interview back in December, Abrams said she was considering challenging Republican Sen. David Perdue in 2020 or going for a rematch against Gov. Brian Kemp in 2022. “Georgia is my state,” she added. “And the changes I talked about in this campaign remain changes I believe are necessary for our state to continue to progress, to serve the entirety of our state, and that the issues that I raised remain urgent and important.” And as AJC notes, her name has been floated around as possible contenders for the White House and there’s also a chance that she could be tapped for Vice President.