Model Ebonee Davis’s feelings about the state of the fashion industry can be summed up by her stance on the old Beyoncé vs. Rihanna debate. “They’re so different and both are amazing and talented,” she says. “I don’t think you have to pick.” Bottom line: There is room for everyone.

And when it comes to modeling, Davis hopes the gatekeepers will learn to celebrate people’s differences, but in the meantime she’s not slowing down for anything or anyone. “I try not to place limitations on myself, even though sometimes the industry can look a certain way and feel a certain way,” says Davis, 23. “I really just try to be positive and go into every situation knowing that all I can do is my best. I don’t want to enter any situation with any type of chip on my shoulder.”

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The young model, who appears in the new Sports Illustrated Swim issue, is being hyped up as the next face to take over the industry. She’s come a long way from her days of cutting school to attend an agency casting, a stunt that paid off big time when she actually got signed. From there she went on to appear as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

With all of the attention she’s currently getting, Davis believes acting is her next step. “I would love to see myself on the big screen,” she reveals. “Maybe even see myself on the Victoria’s Secret runway.”

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As she looks forward, the rising star never fails to give back. In fact, Davis established Honey Bees, a reading camp for fifth grade girls that is set to begin this summer. And honestly, what’s more beautiful than that?

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