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Spike Lee Sends More Than 300 Tweets on Trayvon Martin

Director Spike Lee is using his Twitter account to spread the word on Trayvon Martin.
Spike Lee has been very vocal about Trayvon Martin’s ongoing murder investigation. The director has tweeted over 300 times regarding the case, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Although the bulk of those tweets have been retweets of photos of people wearing hoodies, he’s called for Zimmerman’s arrest and even tweeted his address. “America the beautiful,” he wrote, “a country where a Black teenager can be shot and killed coming from a 7-Eleven buying an iced tea and a bag of Skittles. Why is George Zimmerman still free?”

Just last night, before heading to bed, Lee tweeted this heartfelt message, “We’ll all go to bed tonight, but when the parents of Trayvon wake up tomorrow morning, their son will not be there. Justice of law for Trayvon.”

Lee isn’t alone in voicing his opinion. Holly Robinson Peete along with dozens of celebrities have shared their thoughts on the case. “It’s not about how young Black men respond to ‘authority,'” Peete tweeted. “Zimmerman was not a police officer, Trayvon Martin did everything right.”

Today, in honor of the one month anniversary of Martin’s murder, a rally will be held in Sanford, Florida, according to The Miami Herald. Along with Martin’s parents, Rev. Jesse Jackson, NFL player Ray Lewis, Rev. Al Sharpton and Sinbad are also expected to speak at a special city commission meeting this afternoon at 5 p.m.