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South Carolina Trooper Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Pleads Guilty

State Trooper Sean Groubert shot Levar Jones while Jones was reaching to retrieve his driver's license.

A South Carolina state trooper has pleaded guilty in the 2014 nonfatal shooting of an unarmed Black man.

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According to CBS News, Sean Groubert faces up to 20 years in prison for assault and battery for shooting Levar Jones, who suffered a hip injury.

Groubert approached Jones in a convenience store parking lot on September 4, 2014 for allegedly committing a seatbelt violation. Groubert asked to see his driver’s license, but when Jones leaned into his vehicle to retrieve it, the state trooper opened fire. 

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Dash cam video shows Jones’s wallet falling from his hands as he asks, “Why did you shoot me?” Groubert is heard responding, “Well, you dove headfirst back into your car.” 

Jones appeared at Groubert’s hearing, where he was seen walking with a limp.