By now, South Africans have confirmed that ANC leader Jacob Zuma, 67, will be their next president but the bigger question is, who will be the country’s First Lady? Zuma, known for sticking to his traditional Zula sensibilities which include polygamy, currently has two wives; one woman has been married to him since 1973 while the other (much younger wife at 34-years old) married him last year, according to the Associated Press. Niether Zuma nor the ANC have offered any resolution to the First Lady quandary, but according to tradition, the first wife gets to represent them both. She is after all also the woman who stayed with him during his 15 years in exile after leaving the country during the heart of apartheid in the mid-1970s.-WLW

Do you think a polygamist could ever be voted into the U.S. Presidency?