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Sound Off: Don't Give Up on Your Happy Ending

You have to want to be happy to get there. Do you?
Usually the craziest, wildest, most sarcastic or moronic thing you’ll see in a day pops up somewhere on your Twitter feed. Worldwide trending topics are often comical, always somehow newsy, but rarely inspiring.

It’s fascinating to tap into a worldwide discussion at any given moment, yet also quite sad when you realize the topic on the minds of millions is #SideChickChristmasGifts or #DarkSkinned vs. #LightSkinned.

It’s safe to say that Twitter doesn’t always bring out our best; which is exactly why I was both relived and intrigued when I saw #HappyEndings trending late last night.

There were, of course, the sarcastic and obnoxious types making not-so-funny references to the sexual act, but between all of that, I read line after line from hundreds of others either sharing what a “happy ending” would look like in their world, or flat out denying that they even exist. The top tweet at the time was “#HappyEndings only happen in movies,” which had already been retweeted over 1,000 times.

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Arguments for and against happy endings flooded in, sometimes in groups of 20 or more per second.

“#HappyEndings don’t only happen in stories,” wrote one user. “I end each night happy because the lord has given me another night to rest here on this earth.”

Whether you believe there’s happiness at the end of the road or not, you must travel towards something in love and life. Otherwise, you’re just standing there, still, stranded by your thoughts of what could or might happen.

Another user so wisely tweeted, “#HappyEndings are up to YOU. You can’t depend on fate and/or luck. This is real LIFE, not Disney.”

I agree. Believing you deserve happiness as you see it shouldn’t be a “silly” or “unrealistic” approach to living your life. Negativity has never gotten anyone further than positive actions have – and that’s real talk.

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Convincing yourself that all the relationships in your life will end in failure only sets the stage for it later on down the line. “There are no such thing as #HappyEndings in relationships. It’s always a #SadEnding,” tweeted a user who, it seems, has given up before she’s even begun.

Whether you’re a mother, a girlfriend, a wife, a sister or aunt – it doesn’t matter – happily ever after isn’t reserved only for fairytale princess and celebrities. Your neighbor’s dreams may look nothing like yours, but they are no less.

I can’t tell you which route will take you on your journey to happiness, but I can ask that you let faith be your fuel and positivity your guide.

Do you still believe in happy endings? What’s yours look like?