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Sorry Everyone, Keri Hilson's Album Isn't Ready Yet

Someone's in big trouble.
Sorry Everyone, Keri Hilson’s Album Isn’t Ready Yet
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“They” have some explaining to do.

Shortly after it was announced that Keri Hilson would be releasing her first studio album in five years, the singer took to Twitter to let fans know that her album’s not quite ready yet. 

THEY issued a fake press release. THEY have good info tho: Again IS jammin/LIAR IS the album but it’s just not ready. Soon! #nevertrustTHEY

For about 24 hours fans were buzzing about the upcoming L.I.A.R. release, which promised collabs with Chris Brown and Timbaland. And, while Keri was happy to see her fans so excited, she just needs them to wait a little longer. 

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Please pray for whoever leaked the information. The singer doesn’t seem too happy about her fans being tricked and intends to take action.

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Still, there’s no reason to get too down. The album might not be ready, but at least it’s on the way. 

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