Sorority Under Scrutiny After Members Outed For Racial Discrimination
Photo Courtesy of Old Dominion University
Another Greek-lettered organization is being outed for their racist behavior. This time it’s the Alpha Phi Sorority at Old Dominion University. According to WAVY 10 On Your Side, allegations posted on Twitter Wednesday morning, claim that members of the organization that boasts 170 active chapters on collegiate campuses, often targeted minorities and used racial slurs towards them. In one screengrab posted to, a white woman can be seen holding a piece of paper written out like a certificate that says “Blackest White You’ll Ever Meet.” School officials told reporters that they are investigating the situation and in the interim, the local chapter has been banned from holding any official events or activities.   The person who exposed the group on Twitter told reporters that she personally knows minorities who have been targeted by the chapter and went to social media because there was no action being taken against the women. A former Alpha Phi member who spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity said that the allegations against the chapter are not surprising. “It doesn’t shock me at all. I didn’t feel like I had the sisterhood that I thought I was going into. I felt ostracized kind of.” The anonymous member also added that she was happy she left. For the university’s part, ODU officials say that the school upholds a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to discrimination, and encourages students to contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity if they feel they have been victims of bigotry.

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