Sony Music CEO Says Beyoncé’s Music Will Not Be Pulled From Tidal
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Good news for Tidal subscribers: your favorite Beyoncé hits will not disappear.

When a Bloomberg news report critiquing Tidal’s flaws was released on Thursday it claimed that due to financial disputes over streaming rights, Sony and Warner may pull Queen Bey’s music and video from the popular new app, along with other Sony artists. This, of course, did not sit well with Mrs. Carter’s fans, many of who subscribe to Tidal, which she co-owns with husband Jay-Z, just to enjoy her music and videos at the highest quality.

But don’t cancel your subscriptions just yet. Sony Music CEO Doug Morris has told Rolling Stone that they have no plans to pull the plug on Bey’s tidal tenure anytime soon.

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“All of our content, including Beyoncé, is available through the Tidal Service, and we have announced no plans to remove our catalog from Tidal,” Morris said. “Like all of our other partners, we are rooting for Jay and Tidal to succeed.”

And there you have it. Crisis averted for the #Beyhive.