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Soledad O'Brien and CoverGirl Team Up to Empower Girls

Soledad O'Brien's production company will release a series of true stories promoting the education and empowerment of girls. 

Soledad O’Brien, known for her commitment to the empowerment of minorities and women, has teamed up with CoverGirl for their GIRLS CAN movement. 

According to Pret-a-Reporter, the initiative is a part of CoverGirl’s effort to help women break down and overcome barriers to achieve their goals. The makeup brand has tapped the acclaimed reporter to create a short documentaries showcasing the challenges faced by many young women as they pursue their education. 

“It seems a lot of what they believe in with the GIRLS CAN movement is what we believe,” said O’Brien. “[Education] is everything, I don’t know how you can move out of one’s socio-economic category if you don’t have education.”

O’Brien and her husband Brad Raymond formed their O’Brien Raymond Starfish Foundation to help fund 25 disadvantaged women’s college careers and to mentor them throughout their educational journey. They will increase that number in light of CoverGirl’s newly announced commitment to fund additional scholarships and mentorship programs.  

The goal of the original content series is to open the eyes of viewers and inspire them to get involved in empowering young women in their own communities.

“If you can tell a story well, you can move people to do something,” said O’Brien. “For me, the goal is that people reach out and certainly support the empowerment we believe in.”