Solange Knowles is planning something special for her adorable son, Daniel, this summer. With little Danny in tow, the proud mommy will travel to Kenya to learn about the country and how a new charity she’s started provides locals fresh water.

The singer has teamed up with rocker Chris Taylor and musician Twin Shadow for the Donate to Download track “Kenya,” with all proceeds benefiting the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN). Sponsored by Coca-Cola, the initiative aims to raise $10,000 for clean water projects across the continent.

  Knowles said she can’t wait to see the project first-hand and plans to turn the trip into a learning experience for her six-year-old son.  “I really would love to visit Kenya. I have always been so eager to get to Kenya, (to experience) the culture, the people… ” she told WENN. “I’m totally wanting to get my son down there, I think it will be a beautiful experience for us.”

Enjoy the trip with your son Solange – we wish you the best!

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