We love Solange for putting her support behind the “It Gets Better” campaign against bullying. In a series of tweets, Beyonce’s hipster younger sis said it was up to parents to educate children to stop bullying other kids. “Parents need to talk to children & tell them how serious it is when they tease, joke , banter, form groups against, & explain consequences!” she wrote. And he own son, Daniel Julez, wasn’t immune from the big talk. “I had a long talk with Julez about bullying on BOTH ends,” she said. “I believe my son is a very loving, considerate, & nice boy, but U cant put ANYTHING past your children when U send them into the big world!” Solange also spoke of her own experience as a child. “I remember being a child when something horrible is happening…it DOES feel like the end of the world.” Kudos to Solange. Do you speak to your children about bullying?