ESSENCE Poll: Do You Believe In Spankings?
Taylor Hill/WireImage

The age-old debate on spankings rages on.

During an interview on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, Solange Knowles shared that she believes in spanking her son Jules once in a while.”You don’t have to do it often, like twice or three times a year,” she told Angie Martinez. “And he remembers it.”

While some parents didn’t even blink an eye at this comment—especially those who raised their children back in the day when spankings were given by parents and teachers—times have changed. Society has buckled down on acceptable forms of punishment. As a result, parents who choose to spank have to walk a fine line. Where do you fall on this hot topic? Do you still believe in an old-fashioned spanking when a child acts up? Or do you believe there are better non-violent ways to go about disciplining your child?

Let us know what works in your household in the comments below.

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