Solange Knowles Relaunches E-commerce Shop on Saint Heron

Solange Knowles is, once again, proving that she is more than just a singer or style maven. She is also a curator of the arts. The Texas native attended Austin’s SXSW to promote the reintroduction of the Saint Heron webstore—“an assortment of goods and items that commemorate the diversity and progression of black artistry.”

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Saint Heron first began as a collaborative compilation album that featured 11 independent artists with the intent of highlighting those redefining R&B. Knowles expressed that she had been frustrated with how music was written about culturally. “There were a lot of insensitivities and a lot of holes in the storytelling. So, Saint Heron was really birthed to bring together a community of people who want to celebrate diversity and want to push people of color to the forefront of music, fashion, culture, and art,” she tells Refinery 29.

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Knowles expanded Saint Heron into a multimedia platform to continue the conversation. And now, in partnership with Bigcommerce, designers like Phleumus, Bloom & Plume, Linea Germania, Morgan Parish, Tactile Matter, Cameo & Folie and Bernadette Thompson are only a few clicks and keystrokes away from being accessible.

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The relaunch was celebrated Sunday as a SXSW pop-up. “We thought that South by Southwest was an incredible place to launch based on what I’ve noticed as a performer — you are actually up close and personal with your supporters and music-lovers,” Knowles told WWD. “And that’s important, because it’s all about the conversation.”