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3 Beauty Dares To Try, Courtesy of Solange

In our May issue, cover girl Solange dares readers to embrace their natural beauty and style.
3 Beauty Dares To Try, Courtesy of Solange
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Solange has made a name for herself by embracing her unique beauty and style. 

In ESSENCE’s May beauty issue, the singer encourages readers to do the same. Here are three of our favorite beauty dares from Solange’s cover story:

Be yourself, wholeheartedly. 

“I always knew that being 100 percent wholeheartedly me was going to pay off,” said the Texas native.

Don’t feel limited in your natural beauty. 

“I still love to switch [my hair] up. If I want to wear my hair down my ass or flat-ironed, that’s what I’ll do,” said the natural haired beauty. 

Stop apologizing for being confident. 

“Too often women apologize for being confident. We think it’s a form of ego. I struggle with that as well, but I’m starting to be able to say ‘I’m confident’ without feeling arrogant,” explained Solange.

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