See photos of Dwight Eubanks’s over-the-top birthday bash >>

Our favorite Atlanta “Housewives” drama king Dwight Eubanks continues to celebrate his fiftieth birthday in style. And with more than 20 years of traveling the globe and pampering and advising sisters in his own salon, he has a few tips for Black women to rise to the top—one fabulous step at a time.

Make an Entrance

Whether it’s a Monday at work or the party of a lifetime, enter every room relaxed and with a smile. For Dwight’s fiftieth birthday he exited a stretched Hummer with five gorgeous escorts who ushered him in—three women and two men. “One woman just wasn’t enough, “ he adds with a chuckle. And a strong entrance starts with good exit from home. “Always look in the mirror before you leave and keep a mirror by your door,” Dwight adds. “Usually that one thing that catches your eye needs some attention, whether the lipstick color is off or you have a few crumbs. And when you see people who didn’t check, be a friend and let them know.”

Communicate and Clear the Air
Many were surprised to see “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members Sheree Whitfield and NeNe Leakes show up together at Dwight’s party after not getting along on the show. But not Dwight, who always looks forward to a reconciliation. “We’re not going to always get along, but we have to communicate and talk. I always speak my mind,” he says. “We also have to truly let things go and forgive. You have to release the anger to free your own self up. Beauty starts from the inside then goes out.”

Flaunt Your Stuff
If you got it, you better work it. For Dwight, that’s fashion sense and personality, and he is using both as he prepares to open the doors to The Vogue, his Black department store, this summer in Atlanta. “You have to use the talents you have; if you don’t, you will lose them.” One of Dwight’s favorite moments from his bash was having women all more than 250 pounds from Three Tons of Fun dance and strip down to their thongs, and, of course, he joined them. “I need a big woman. The little skinny women—that’s why they’re so evil, because they’re hungry. (Laughs.) You have to work with what you have and make it work. If you are two-feet tall, make it sharp. Embrace whatever flaw you have.”

Try Something New
From your fashion to your food, Dwight stresses the importance of going beyond your comfort zone. “Get outside of your community. Try something new every week or month, even if it’s just wine tasting. How do you know you don’t like squid if you’ve never tried it?” he says. “Try a new hair color or throw in some hair. It was so great to see Steve Harvey go bald because that hair was just not working. Don’t be afraid to branch out.”

Never Settle
As a hairdresser and confidante, Dwight has seen and heard it all when it comes to man drama, and he has two words for Black women: Don’t settle. “Occasionally, I get caught up in it too, because we all want companionship; but to settle for something, that’s half of a man you don’t need. Women can do so much better on their own. Don’t be satisfied with a piece of a man. And remember, if you sleep with dogs, you get fleas.” And it’s not just about men and money, as Dwight encourages women not to accept less in any part of life. “Life is about having fun. Enjoy it! Never forget, you really are a gem.”

See photos of Dwight Eubanks’s over-the-top birthday bash >>

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