When you want a sultry, sexy look the go-to choice is often the smoky eye. Paired with a great pair of lashes and a subtle lip you definitely have that come hither look that will turn heads. But many of us steer clear of the smoldering shadow combination because it fizzles instead of sizzles when we try to apply it. Let’s face it, mistakes with black eye shadow are hard to hide (and have thrown a monkey wrench in many of our nights). The good news is that cosmetics companies have gotten a clue that a girl can use a cheat sheet to avoid a makeup meltdown moment.
Two great choices worth exploring are L’Oral’s Studio Secrets Color Smokes Eye Shadow in Blackened Smokes ($7, target.com), which has actually numbered the shadows and gives the four steps to achieving the look on the back of the package. Now if you’ve prefer a twist on the traditional smoky eye, there’s also Lavender Smokes — which has been especially designed for those of us with brown eyes. Now we’ve got two surefire ways to generate some heat this month.

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