Smokey Robinson Launches Skincare Line Skinphonic, Is it the Secret to his Ageless Look?
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capital Concerts

Smokey Robinson has been performing for over 50 years, but hasn’t aged in about 20. Long story short, he is the personification of the mantra “black don’t crack.”

We’ve always assumed the Motown king totes a luxe skincare stash, but as it turns out, few popular products have actually worked. 
This is what prompted the creation of Skinphonic, a recently launched skincare brand headed by the legendary singer and his wife, Frances Robinson. Backed by two and a half years of clinical testing and research, each offering from the collection is devised to simultaneously treat all of the issues specifically facing people of color. 

This means that no matter your skin type—combination, oily, dry or otherwise—it will make a positive difference with all-in-one formulations and easy four-step system. 

And for those skincare skeptics who need the expert stamp of approval, the Skinphonic team also includes board certified dermatology experts who were in the trenches making sure this stuff actually works. 

If you’re unmoved by the work done behind the scenes, be impressed by the nostalgic monikers of each Skinphonic line; “Get Ready” ( ) for the fellas and “My Girl” (link: ) for the ladies. 

Both names should ring a bell since they’re also the title of two Smokey Robinson-penned hits performed by The Temptations. Now this is a throwback beauty find we can get behind! 

Learn more about Skinphonic here.