Color-Changing, Internet-Accessible Tattoos Are Now A Thing
Peathegee Inc/Blend Images LLC

Tattoos, those once edgy signifiers of individuality and personal expression, have officially gone futuristic. MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research are the first to link body ink with electronic devices by way of “DuoSkin.” 

Here’s how it works: first, a design is created with the help of graphic software. Next, the design is cut from vinyl/tattoo paper and applied to the skin, via water transfer. (Think of this as the same process used for temporary tattoos). Once the appliqué has been married to your skin, it becomes functional.

“DuoSkin devices enable users to control their mobile devices, display information, and store information on their skin while serving as a statement of personal style,” said the team at DuoSkin

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Offered in three types or classes, these tattoos can either turn the tattoo into a touchpad, change color according to body temperature or communicate wirelessly.

Since DuoSkin is made with relatively cheap materials, tech insiders expect it to be something everyone can afford soon. Considering giving it a try? Check out the video below for more information.