Slutty Vegan Restaurant Among Several Businesses Burglarized In Atlanta

As crime is high across the country, beloved Slutty Vegan restaurant in Atlanta is the latest victim to a smash and grab burglary on Tuesday. Owner and ESSENCE cover star, Aisha “Pinky” Cole shared security footage of the crime that occurred in the wee hours of the morning at her first brick-and-mortar location on Instagram.

“We are all okay, however, our RDA location will be closed for the remainder of the day as we rectify this unfortunate situation,” Cole said in the social media post.

Footage shows the burglar busting the entry door glass with a brick. Though the burglar’s face is covered with a mask, they are not wearing any gloves. The assailant goes straight for the register, likely looking for money.  

Ironically, Slutty Vegan is a cashless business. 

According to Cole, the suspect took tablets and a table. 

11Alive reported that Slutty Vegan wasn’t the only business hit on the block. Augie’s Cafe and The Juicy’s Joint were also among the few broken into. 

Cole said she hopes the person who broke into the restaurant gets help.

Cole told 11Alive, “Unfortunately we do a lot for the community and have been since we began. For someone to break into the store, I mean, I could have gotten him a job. We are trying to build and we are a growing company. We will use this as an opportunity to get better security and better glass. We hope he got what he was looking for and hope he gets whatever help he needs.”

The black-owned, plant-based restaurant opened in fall 2018 after much success selling made-to-order items via Instagram. Now, Slutty Vegan has four locations across Georgia. 

No suspects have been arrested.