Singersroom Weekly Playlist

Summer Jamz

The crackle of fire works, the smell of charred grilled burgers and chicken, ladies and gents dressed to kill and packed block parties are a recipe for a memorable summer. But no 4th of July is complete without the music that gives us a feeling that we will never forget those special moments. Who could forget the summer of ’91 with D.J. Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith’s “Summertime” or The Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy” in ‘94? These songs defined these summers and the summers there after. Check out some new summer sounds that will get you ready for any occasion or experience.

Mario’s “Bermuda”

Music by | More on Mario”Bermuda” by Mr. Mario is a mid-tempo song that acts as a guide to a romantic summer getaway with that special someone.Mario gives a vivid account of a romantic rendezvous on an island with clear blue water and white sand beaches. This song is perfect to put on as soon as you land and reach your destination. So grab your first cocktail by the pool or beach and enjoy.

Eric Roberson’s “Summertime Anthem”

Music by | More on Eric RobersonEric Roberson is no rookie and he continues to reinvent himself in delivering fresh sounds to listeners.This is truly a “Summer Anthem” because of the content and mood. Drop the top, drive five miles an hour so everyone sees you and blast this song.

Beyonce’s “Party” ft. Andre 3000

Music by | More on BeyonceCan you lose with Beyonce and Andre 3000 on the same track? No! Their bondage together created a feel good song for the summer, which focuses on enjoying life, partying and YOU possibly meeting a new boo.

Brian McKnight’s “Temptations”

Music by | More on Brian McKnightWarm weather means hot cars, muscle shirts, pum pum shorts and anything else scantily or eye catching. This means the “Temptations” between men and women will be at his highest peak. Enjoy the moment but just make sure you’re not doing someone dirty on the side.

Rocki Evans’ “Better Dreams”

Music by | More on Rocki EvansRocki Evans’ new mixtape ‘Simply Twisted’ combines familiar beats with his sultry voice and slick lyrics. This clever song “Better Dreams” mixes Outcast’s’ “Jazzy Belle” song with a dash of his righteous flavor. This song is a dreamy way to begin the summer.