Over the weekend, Lindsey Harding, the former pro scout for the Sixers, became the first female coach, specifically their player development coach, in the franchise’s history. This also makes her the seventh female assistant coach to be hired in the NBA.

Harding’s rise in the NBA started when she was hired to scout for the Sixers last summer and was previously one of the assistant coaches for the summer league for the Raptors in 2015. Harding blew the Sixer’s management team away with her expertise, love for the game, impeccable perception and attention to detail.

Sixers general manager Elton Brand recalls being exceedingly impressed by Harding while interviewing her and predicts that she’ll be in charge of her own team in no time.

“After we interviewed her this summer, everyone I spoke to about her said how driven she was and that her knowledge of the game was impeccable. Whether that’s the NBA, or a collegiate program — I don’t think she’ll be at the player-development level for very long,” Brand said.

Prior to signing with the Sixers after completing the NBA’s Basketball Operations Associate Program, Harding was courted by six teams, but only the Sixers offered the 34-yr-old multiple career pathways—including coaching.

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“I wanted to get my foot in the door. On-court coaching opportunities. Other front-office opportunities. Other scouting opportunities. The feeling here, the vibe, the support, growth—the belief in me,” She said of the Sixers. “Knowing that I know the game.”

Of course, it is still early in Harding’s career, but if her trajectory is as promising as her career has been so far, this will serve to be one of many, many more promotions.