Labor Day weekend was a very special weekend for The Sister Accord Foundation and its founder and CEO Sonia Jackson Myles. On August 31, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio declared that Sister Accord Day would be celebrated across the city to celebrate the “Revolution of LOVE,” especially when girls and women celebrate and support one another. The organization is focused on building positive supportive relationships among girls and women around the world.
“I want girls and women to understand that there are infinite possibilities for their lives. They have the power to design their destiny, pursue their passion and walk in their purpose. When they are focused on these truths, they are more likely to feel good about themselves and each other,” Jackson Myles said in a press release. The celebration featured an award ceremony at which Ruth E. Carter, costume designer for Black Panther was honored and gave the keynote address. Gospel singer Jessica Reedy was also honored and performed Amazing Grace in tribute of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Following Aug. 31, the organization hosted The Celebration of Sisterhood Tea Party on Sept. 1 where high school students and their adult women mentors experienced a day of fun, learning and leadership skills.
“I am on a mission to have 1 billion girls and women live the principles of The Sister Accord. I have seen the long-lasting, negative impact of ‘mean girl’ behavior. Mean girls grow up to be mean women, if there is no intervention,” Jackson Myles added. “I’m focused on helping girls and women understand that it begins with them. If you love yourself, you will be able to give that love to others, and will see them as an extension of yourself. This will lead to a mindset of being willing to do anything you can to help and serve your sisters. ‘Great Leaders Have Great Relationships.’”


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