So, you read the headline for this post and your first reaction or thought probably was, “WTH?” I will admit that I was not surprised to learn that most Americans feel this way about me and the millions of single moms in our country. I was disappointed but not surprised. It’s time for us to redefine for Americans who single moms really are in this country. Most single moms, including myself, are hard-working, educated women successfully raising healthy, productive children as well as taking care of our households on our own. Yet, we tend not hear about those of us doing well on our own in the media. We constantly see images and stereotypes of the unemployed, uneducated, baby-mamas representing single moms on the likes of “The Maury Povich Show,” and “The Jerry Springer Show.” Let’s not forget the self-proclaimed poster child for single moms in America, Octomom, who continues to feed into the notion that single moms need to be saved from themselves. Boy, I cannot wait for a network to give me my talk show so we can at least start to create some balance in the media by portraying single moms who are hardworking women and successful single parents. Single moms can teach a lot of folks some things like how to make it work on a shoestring budget and the art of juggling and managing multiple tasks simultaneously. We often accomplish with much grace what some two-parent households struggle to accomplish. We raise healthy, productive boys to become successful men even when society says that we cannot do it on our own. Most of us are single by circumstance and not by choice. And like me, most single moms desire to be married. We know that when it comes to survival and raising our children, failure is not an option! We do what we must do, when we must do it, to get it done! Single moms, making it on your own, give yourself credit and a pat on the back. You do not need to wait for anyone to validate your hardwork and determination to make it on your own. Know for yourself that you are a woman of worth and of great respect. You are a superwoman! Through Project Single Moms, we are working to build a national movement to ensure that single moms have a national platform so that we have a voice that represents who we are and how we contribute as tax payers and as voters to our nation’s economy. There are more than 10 million single moms in America. There is power in numbers, so we must come together to make positive change happen in our lives and for our children. Join the national movement today! It’s free! Visit to join and let your voice be heard!  We need you! To continue reading “Americans Don’t Respect Single Moms,” click here. For more The Empowered Woman with Stephanie Clark stores, click here.   Read more: