With all the mistletoe, feel-good gift giving and egg nog, Christmas can be pretty damn romantic, making all the single ladies feel grumpy.

However, you probably forget the stress that comes along with coordinating a holiday with a significant other nevermind the extra expenses. So, we’ve put together a few reminders of why it doesn’t suck to be single during the holidays.

1. You Don’t Have to Kiss His Mama’s Butt
Christmas is family time, which means you’ve probably spent a whole weekend trying to impress an ex’s mother, biting your tongue through backhanded compliments and catching yourself just before the F word slipped out. You get a break this year. You can be your beautiful, messy, potty-mouthed self in front of your friends and family this year.

2. No Need to Make Sure Your Man Gets Along With Your Family
Trying to make your new guy fit in with your clan can suck the joy out of Christmas time. You can tell yourself a thousand times that what really matters is that you like him, but it can still bother you a little if your parents think your guy is isn’t gold. This is just a fact of life, so be glad that it’s not a factor in your holiday plans this year.

3. No One Asking You When He’s Gonna Propose
If there’s no guy, no one will ask you, “So do you think there’s a diamond ring under the tree for you this year?” After a question like that, no Christmas gift seems good enough. Who needs that kind of pressure?

4. No Stress to Find Him the Perfect Gift
Why do we feel OK about getting our girlfriends gifts that they’re not keen on, but we feel terrible when our boyfriends don’t like our presents. Do not envy the girl that is hunting high and low for the perfect Christmas presents for her guy that says, “I know you better than anyone else.” It’s hard work and you’ve worked hard enough this year. Consider this holiday your vacation from all that.

5. Nothing for Him Means Something for You
Take that money that your saving from not getting your boyfriend a Christmas present and get yourself a sexy cocktail dress for New Year’s Eve that will make every guy’s girlfriend jealous, treat yourself to a massage or use that money to give back. However you choose to spend that extra cash, just make sure it makes you feel good.

6. You Get to Kiss Whoever You Want
If you’re single, the holidays can be the best time to meet dudes. This year you get to look, touch and kiss. So make out until your lips get chapped, girl!

7. Riding Solo means Real Soul Searching
It’s a good time to reflect on how you’ve spent 2009. Plus, if you’re recently un-hitched now’s a good time fro growth. Take the alone time that you have to review the woman that you are and to preview the woman that you want to become. You can even get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions.

Draw on these little reminders when you start to feel a little Scroogie over the holidays and get out there and jingle those bells and deck those halls knowing that you get to call all the shots this Christmas.

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