Are Americans ready to see a Black Jesus on the big screen?

A recent poll conducted by magazine Vanity Fair and news program 60 Minutes included the question, “If you were directing a new film version of the New Testament, which actor would you cast to play Jesus?” And Denzel Washington, whose new movie Flight opens on Friday, was crowned the winner, with 21 percent of the vote.

The Oscar-winning actor led a pretty impressive group of nominees: Daniel Day-Lewis earned 14 percent, Al Pacino scored 13 percent, and Ryan Gosling earned 11 percent. Woody Allen picked up 10 percent votes cast, and Philip Seymour Hoffman walked away with just 3 percent.

However, many who took the poll weren’t impressed with the available selection of actors — 15 percent of people polled said none of men were right for the job.

Who do you want to see play Jesus Christ?